Of Blooms & Stems:
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ur projects exist to pour organic beauty into life, because we lead a life or artfulness, a life of movement, a life of blooms and stems. One day it's wriggling vines and dainty nosegays, the other it is perfectly-imperfect wildflowers, herbs and undergrowing gardens, terrariums, and spanning twigs, textured seeds, virginal stems, and flossy grasses.

When it comes to floral design we don't just get from point A to point B, but revel in the journey. This means creating motion over emotion, connecting the language of blooms to the story you wish to narrate, or even crafting a motley collection of contexts with shapes and sizes, petals and calyxes, scents and hues.

Our florals arrive directly from The Netherlands. Drawing from your rapport and personal conte, we'll add a modern twist to a Dutch-master influenced arrangement, a romantic nod to a nebula of wispy sprigs, and create more impact for your wedding guests, your focal event, your exquisite brand or your lifestyle celebration.

Kay Creations specialize in flowers and floral design and installations for weddings, editorials and elegant brands. We are based in Rhodes Island but we love to travel, so tap on our expertise to create and style something exquisite, inspired by history and botanicals of your destination, and emphasize the arfulness of it all.

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Choosing the perfect blooms for your bouquet and flower synthesis might seem to be a question of aesthetics, but there is actually a lot more to flowers than the way they look. We will guide you through that process and you will definitely enjoy the creation of your flower list!


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